Behind the brand

My name is Shay and I have been a qualified level 3 beauty therapist since 2017. Since I was 12 I have known what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be in life, so it was never a hard decision to decide on my career choice.  

I loved nail polish even more once I began my college course and I straight away started doing my research and taking notes on how to start my brand. I had to learn more business skills and incorporate my beauty therapy knowledge to come up with something great!

At the time I started out my children and 2 jobs kept me very busy so making time and having a strict routine was important. Especially when it came to that time of day when I had to start mixing nail polish and filling bottles, being patient and staying focussed was key.

With me not being able to buy my ingredients in bulk I made it a priority for me to price all products at the best price that I possibly can. My knowledge and experience gives me confidence that the products I provide are of the best quality, and today VIXINY is more than I imagined and will continue to grow to its full potential.