Behind the brand

My name is Shay and I qualified in beauty therapy in 2016 when I was 18 years old. I have known the career path I wanted since I was quite young, so it was always easy to speak about where I saw myself later in life.  

I started to love nail polish even more once I began my college course in 2015, during the term where we were learning mani’s and pedi’s. Unfortunately the brand of nail polish that we were training with wasn’t great, wasn’t cruelty free, wasn’t vegan and it was toxic! After this I told myself I was going to create my own brand.

I straight away started doing my research and taking notes on how to start my own nail polish brand. I had to really focus, and learn more business skills and incorporate my beauty therapy knowledge to come up with something great!

At the time I started out my children, college and 2 jobs kept me very busy so planning in advance and having a strict routine was important.

My knowledge and experience gives me confidence and so much excitement that everything I provide to you are the best quality, most luxury and all around premium products for you to fall in love with!