The beginning.

The beginning.

I have decided to start doing blog posts so let’s start off with a recap of the brand!

I have always loved beauty so when it came to choosing my career path it was very easy. I left secondary school in 2014, then should have started college the same year, but I decided to take a year out as my son was born in September 2014. 

During this year I found myself a job in a hair and beauty salon as salon assistant where I was able to closely watch how the salon is run. This definitely gave me a boost for going into the beauty industry! 

September 2015 I started my level 2 beauty therapy where I first started manicures and straight away loved it. Doing manis and pedis in college made me aware that there wasn’t a brand that provided salon quality, luxury, healthy and durable polishes that clients will be happy paying for...

I done my research and began planning how I can start up my own brand of nail polish. By 2018 I felt like I had enough knowledge about starting up and running a business. At the start all polishes were made by a UK manufacturer with only 10 polish shades! I continued this for 15 months which took me to January 2020.

By this time I had more information and sources, which made me decide to start hand mixing all of our polishes. This gave me the chance to mix colours to exactly how I saw it in my vision and literally brought my thoughts to life! 

Choosing a manufacturer at first was a good start up decision as that was all I knew. The bottle, the label the designs were all created when I was still a young girl. So with the new formula change I chose to make changes everywhere to make the brand perfect. 

Now everything is perfect I can focus on growing and expanding the brand while I continue to use my knowledge and experience to provide great service and products! 

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