Working with glitters!

Working with glitters!

Glittery nails are amazing to look at and so interesting to use. So if you are a fan of sparkly nails or a beginner wanting to learn more, read on for my tips on using glitter polish.


For some customers who are using glitter for the first time find that it’s harder to remove than a normal creme nail polish, then automatically assume that it’s a badly made polish. No, this is not the case. Some glitter polishes will be harder to remove than others, depending on the size of the glitter and whether a bae coat was used or not. Using base coat will make it easier to remove. Instead of the glitter chunks gripping onto the bare nail, they will grip onto the base coat which will make it easier to remove when wiping away.

Vixiny has two types of Top Gloss’. When wearing our glitter colours I would highly recommend using our ultra top gloss, for a finish that will highly enhance the sparkles and hold the chunky glitters down. Ultra top gloss is more hard wearing and will do a perfect job holding down the layers making your polish last longer.

  • Stroke or dab on

Everyone does things differently to find what they are comfortable with. The most popular way to apply polish is by using the brush to stroke the layers on thin and evenly. With glitters the first layer may be light, then applying the second layer you will find you will have full coverage. If you prefer to dab yours on you may be happy with just 1 coat as the coats will apply thicker. Some people may want more sms do a second coat.

  • Removing your polish

Depending on the type of polish remover you are using it may take longer to come off. An acetone free remover is more time consuming than an acetone remover. Instead of using 100% acetone you can find removers that contain smaller amounts of acetone that will do the job. If you are choosing to use an acetone free remover try soaking your nails in the cotton pads (how you would remove gel polish) for a few minutes, or hold the cotton pads onto the nail with the opposite hand, then wipe away. 

I hope my tips were helpful and answered some of the most frequently asked questions about glitter polishes!

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